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Go ahead. It's something we say over the radio many times per day after a certain question is asked. Every time it's said and heard, let it be a constant reminder that we strongly believe that nothing is impossible. When those two words are heard, let it remind us that we will learn from past mistakes and still go ahead and live by the golden rule. We will think big thoughts but still relish small pleasures.

When that short answer is heard over the radio let it be a reminder that we will bring service and respect to our customers like no other. We will be kinder than necessary. So, let me ask you this certain question, do you have a copy?

Welcome to Olsen Custom Farms

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website!

 Olsen Custom Farms is located in southwestern Minnesota in the small community of Hendricks. My name is Chad and my wife, Pam and I are the owners of the custom harvesting operation. We have four daughters Josie, Claire, Ellie, and Nora and a son, Charlie.  We employ approximately 50 people and between our custom harvesting and combine rental business we currently run 70 plus combines from Arkansas to Canada. We harvest wheat, milo, canola, corn and soybeans and haul the grain as needed .

Please take a moment to tour our website and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all! We look forward to continuing our business relationships in 2014 and look forward to many new relationships and friendships.

Once again, thanks for stopping by our website. We hope that our site helps instill a level of comfort with you regarding our operations. Cheers to a great 2014.

Chad and Pam Olsen

What People Say:

Comments from the 2013 harvest season:

“I have been working with OCF form several years and have several neighbors who have joined the "OCF family" more recently.  It is interesting to hear their comments about OCF as it reflects what I learned the first year of doing business with OCF.  OCF is A-OK!"  J Kent

“When we broke down, Luke was very quick to find the problem and find a different combine to help us finish." L Grosz

“Chad, you have always been very helpful in whatever I've needed.  Thank you very much." C Didier

"I have never been treated so good as I did by the OCF crew.  Thank you and I hope to see you this summer." M. Younger

"When the owner delivers your combine, you can rest assured you're dealing with hard-working folks that want to EARN an honest buck.  As a customer, it is very refreshing to see the dedication and work ethic from everybody at Olsen Custom Farms.  They could have waited until someone broke free to deliver my combine but they didn't.  Big companies should take note!" B Koenig

"We got rolling about noon.  Hauled to the bin and the elevator.  Some crews you have to babysit.  Not this one.  They filled the bins just like I would have.  They ran our equipment at the bin site with respect.  We combined until midnight that night and they stuck with us the whole time.  Hope to have you back this year." C. Stevens