5 seed mix Cover Crop

OCF Seeds

We specialize in high volume sales and distribution of unique varietals of seeds. We arrange cargo / shipping and have strong relationships with growers and dealers all over the world.

Some of the seeds we sell include:
– Cereal Rye / winter cover crop
– CRP mixes
– Cover Crop mixes (Ryegrass, Lentils, Flax, Turnips, etc.)
– Oats, Alfafa

More about cover crops
Cover crops are often referred to as “green manure” because they transfer huge amounts of nutrients into soil. They are becoming more critical to a farm’s success and in some cases are mandated. The crops organic matter add nutrients back into the soil, but also utilize root structures to create better opportunities for growth through preservation of Mycorrhizal fungi networks.

Please contact Larry @ 605-695-1118 to discuss your needs.